About Us

Our values are the foundation of our business. Members and staff are treated with respect, honesty, and genuine caring so that you can leave feeling good about your visit.

Our brand-new, pristine facility offers premium, new equipment, workshops and regular classes. To view all our classes, please view “Class Descriptions.” Our memberships are for women only. We will have some co-ed small groups available.

We provide an excellent coaching staff for 1:1 and group trainings so you can achieve your fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle. Bring your ideas, goals and solutions! Have fun…be challenged, whatever works for you!

Meet the Team

  • maryellen_bio_small

    Maryellen Patterson

    Maryellen was born and raised in the Northeast, at a time when physical education was a mandatory part of her schooling experience. She enjoyed the break in her day. It renewed her energy, her spirit and she liked the added bonus of enjoying some time with her friends.

    Although she continued to stay active once she moved to Florida, Maryellen realized she missed the motivation, socialization and support she had experienced during her working years. She wanted to feel centered and revitalized again in every aspect of her life. Once she began working out again, her mind, body, spirit and social life got back on track and she was happy and energized once more.

    Maryellen shared her story and found that other woman had similar experiences. Maryellen was inspired. She felt a cool way for all women to share their experience and reach their personal goals would be a fitness center (not gym) where the experience of caring, respect and honesty would be the foundation. AND that IS how Inches Fitness came to be.

Personal Coaches & Fitness Instructors

  • Lisa Fisherowski_bio

    Lisa Gordon
    Finess Instructor

    Lisa has always wanted to help people – from working with troubled kids, counseling delinquent girls, being a kindergarten aide and substitute teacher in Alaska, working as an x-ray tech, to training women in a health club.

    After having her second baby in 2006 and wanting to get back into shape, Lisa joined a small club where she soon became part of the fitness team. In the past 6 years, Lisa has become certified in Step Aerobics, Boot camp, Kickboxing  and has a Zumba Certification.

    Lisa’s personal touch makes you feel comfortable in the fitness environment by her encouragement, smiles, and “you can do it” attitude. Because of her extensive knowledge of fitness, Lisa teaches classes of many levels and will offer modifications to all muscle groups and aerobic intensity. She will help you to succeed, feel healthy and walk out of your workout session with results and a smile.

  • LisaM_bio

    Lisa McClure
    Fitness Instructor

    Lisa was born and raised in the United Kingdom. As a child, Lisa was always active in sports including dance, motocross, and ice skating. At the age of 10 she took up competitive figure skating turning professional at 18. Lisa reached senior level in figure skating which lead to competing in the British Championships. While performing, Lisa had to be weighed and measured every 2 weeks. This constant monitoring took a toll on her mind and body. Lisa can relate to how difficult it is to look at a scale and not see a difference in weight loss.

    In 2007 Lisa moved to Florida and settled down to start a family of her own. Now that she was off the road and a mother of 2 boys she turned her focus to fitness. She became an AFFA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Lisa enjoys helping women focus more on the benefits of feeling healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident in themselves without focusing on those numbers on the scale. “I love the energy I get from clients when teaching a class.”

  • Jessica Arias

    Jessica Arias

    Jessica Arias is from Lima, Peru. She came to the U.S. 12 years ago with her husband and two sons, who are now 22 and 17 years old. Their Peruvian heritage runs strong in their family business of  restaurants in the Bradenton/Sarasota area serving authentic, delicious Peruvian food . One would think that running a bustling business would be enough. But Jessica’s true love is to dance.

    “It’s my passion. I have been a Zumba instructor for one year, but I’ve danced all my life. I participated in dance competitions while I was in school and I participated in dances at my children’s schools. The most important thing is that I like to teach dance because it’s a way to release stress, stay in shape, and help other people feel good.  Dancing makes you feel great, energetic, increases your self-esteem. I love to see my students dance and how it brightens their day.”

    Come and have fun at Jessica’s Zumba, Aqua Zumba, and Toning classes and dance to different rhythms from around the world.

  • RobinRosov

    Robin Garfield-Rosov

    Robin Garfield-Rosov is a personal trainer, water aerobics and SilverSneakers yoga stretch/muscular strength and range of movement instructor. She offers aqua therapy, yoga, stretch and balance classes. Robin has worked with clients of all ages as a personal coach teaching weight reduction, cardio-fitness, strength and general conditioning. She has been certified with the American Council on Exercise since 2009. Originally from Miami, where she had her own exercise studio for many years, Robin now resides in the West Bradenton area. The apple of her eye is her son Adam, who is a recent graduate from the University of Florida. Robin has been happily married to Dr. Howard Rosov and they share a common love for their adorable pets, Charlie and Misty.

  • DSC_0018_erikbio

    Erik Marshall
    Fitness Instructor

    Erik is a professional kickboxer, earning World Championships in the WKO and PKF Light Middleweight Divisions from 2001-2010. He has competed across the country and the world – from Atlantic City to California, and from England to Australia and Germany. When he’s not competing, Erik shares his passion by teaching and training adults and children in Kickboxing, MMA, NHB, Self-Defense and Fitness. When asked what he tries to pass on to his students his reply is “to be humble but confident, respect, to train hard and to protect their self.” Erik’s favorite motto is “Relax and Be Yourself.” To read a great article from the Examiner about Erik, click here.

  • Angela Simone

    Angela Simone
    Fitness Instructor

    Angela discovered yoga in 2003. Her interest grew from her very first class and first teacher, who inspired her to continue her yoga journey.

    Angela completed a 200-hour teacher training program in 2006-07 with Lynn Burgess at Yoga From The Heart as well as a 200-hour certification with Betsey Downing and Jaye Martin at Garden Of The Heart Yoga Center, Sarasota in 2011.

    Today she continues to take workshops to expand her knowledge, inspiration and joy for this wonderful practice. She teaches a Hatha-style yoga class offering cues and details in alignment, making class challenging to the practiced yogi and accessible to the new student.

    This self-healing practice provides health benefits on many levels and a path to inner peace and joy!

    “I am so blessed and grateful for the wonderful Teachers and Students in my life that keep me inspired and enthusiastic to grow as a teacher and share this practice.”

Sales Team

  • Kirstie Jones

    Kirstie Jones
    Aqua Instructor

    Kirstie was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She started playing soccer at the age of 5 and played until she was a senior in high school. Soccer kept her physically fit. It wasn’t until she moved to Florida in 2011 that she realized she needed another form of exercise to stay in shape and started working out at a gym.

    Kirstie saw not only the physical but the mental changes that occurred with the gym members – a fitter body resulted in a more positive mind.

    “Working out is not just a day to day thing for me, it is a lifestyle that I try to promote to others. I loved the challenge that I would get from my trainer, Erika, and how she helped me achieve my fitness goals. Now I can motivate others in the same way. That’s what I work for – to help others.”